Tattoo Healing


Leave the bandage on for 3-5 days. If it pools up with plasma to the point it’s uncomfortable you can poke a small hole and drain it in the bath tub and pinch it back together make 100% sure that nothing gets back inside the bandage. If the tattoo is exposed remove the bandage under running water. If the bandage stays solid for the full duration remove slowly under running water. Once the bandage is off, clean your tattoo thoroughly with antibacterial soap, air duty and moisturize. Continue to wash and moisturize once in the Morning and once at Night for the following couple weeks. I prefer to keep things more dry than not, if it looks like it will crack then moisturize. Otherwise stick to twice a day. The better care you take of your skin the better your tattoos will age. If there is any questions at all shoot me an email titled “TATTOO HEALING”


Take the plastic off when you get home and wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap. I recommend a VERY light amount of hustle butter or A&D for the first two days until the tattoo is no longer open. From start to finish of the healing process please wash and lightly moisturize twice a day. Morning and night is my preference. But if it’s about to crack then moisturize it.


Small scabs are to be expected, but if it gets pretty crunchy to the point your worried it’s important to avoid moisturizing those spots. You can still moisturize the rest of the tattoo, but Moisture will push the scabs deeper and more susceptible to bacteria building up. Do not pick the scabs, if they heal themselves ink will stay in the skin, but when the scab is ripped off, so is the ink.

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